Our school is very fortunate to have professional and committed teaching and non-teaching staff.


Mrs Margaret Foott

Deputy Principal

Mrs Jacqui Gordon (Mon - Wed)
Mrs Nicola Hankins (Thurs - Fri)

Assistant Principals

Mr Alastair McDermott (Early Stage 1)
Mrs Sascha McIntyre (Stage 1)
Ms Katrina McGuire (Stage 2)
Mrs Leanne Davies (Stage 3)

Early Stage One

KG - Mrs Glynis Neeves
KM - Mr Alastair McDermott
KN - Miss Jessica North
KR - Mrs Renae Gilmour

Stage One

1H - Miss Amelia Howes
1L - Mrs Robyn Levin
1S - Miss Cassie Sinclair
1W - Mrs Charlotte Willis
2C - Mrs Sharon Casey
2M - Mrs Sascha McIntyre
2S - Miss Laura Smith

Stage Two

3A - Mrs Sally Armstrong
3B - Miss Rachael Beswick
3R - Miss Janna van Roon
4K - Mrs Veronica Kessel & Mrs Lindsey Suttor
4M - Ms Katrina McGuire
4R - Miss Ailsa Ritchie-Dibbs
4/5S Mrs Fiona Savage

Stage Three

4/5S Mrs Fiona Savage
5H - Mr Richard Huntington
5W - Miss Jocelyn Williams
6D - Mrs Leanne Davies
6J - Mrs Carolyn James
6R - Miss Linda Robertson

Specialist Teachers/Staff

Miss Kiralee Strahle (music & choirs)
Mrs Francoise Marot (French)
Mrs Lucy Rongrong (Mandarin)
Mrs Amanda Kynaston (library)
Mrs Bronwyn Lock (library)
Mrs Karen Davis (library)
Mr Tim Rowland (computers and band)
Mrs Jenny Harrisson (learning & support)


Mrs Rose Eagleton
Mrs Sue Streichler
Mrs Rosalie Mares
Mrs Annette Field
Mrs Martine May

General Assistant

Mr Peter McCarthy