In addition to our fabulous band and choral program, each K-6 class receives a weekly 40-minute music lesson with our specialist music teacher, Miss Kiralee Strahle.

During lessons, students are introduced to musical concepts through singing, moving, performing and composing activities in our dedicated music room.

In 2016 lessons, students have been focusing on the following units of work:

  • Early Stage 1 – An Introduction to Music
  • Stage 1 – Me and My Musical World
  • Stage 2 – The Famous Five (Composers)
  • Stage 3 – Music in the Media

To extend our music programs, selected incursions are organized, with inspirational visits from groups such as Musica Viva and OzOpera.

In addition to weekly lessons, TPS students are also involved in musical performances for school events such as Grandparents Day and Open Day, as well as Australia-wide events such as Music Count Us In.  In 2015, TPS held its first school-wide End of Year Musical Extravaganza, which involved all K-6 students.

Stay tuned for our wonderful musical events for 2016!