Turramurra Public School began in 1953 with an enrolment of 47 pupils and 2 teachers: Mr T Conroy, Headmaster and Mrs M Gormly. There were 2 classrooms only which are still used today as the OOSH rooms, next to the car park.

In 1954 Mr G C Short became Headmaster and two more rooms were added.

Then from 1955, as the population of South Turramurra increased rapidly with many new roads and houses being built, the enrolment of the school mirrored this growth necessitating the construction of more classrooms and buildings.

  • 1967 – Year 4/5 block with ‘food preparation unit’ underneath was completed
  • 1968 – The Administrative Block (now the office) and the Assembly Hall & Library (which was underneath) were completed
  • 1969 – The Official Opening of School buildings was held with a massive 828 pupils, 29 teachers, and stage 1 of the new Infants’ Department was also completed
Old TPS building

The first building of Turramurra Public School from 1953.