Stationery (and other) Requirements for 2019

Kindergarten Requirement List

Listed below are some classroom items that your child will require for 2019. Please ensure that your child brings these few items with them in the first week of school.

  • 2 x glue sticks (BOSTIK brand only), to be replaced as needed
  • 1 x library-book bag (a calico bag or the school’s library bag from the uniform shop), clearly labelled with your child’s name
  • 1 x roll of paper towel
  • 1 x 200ml hand soap
  • 1 x packet of wet wipes
  • 1 x art smock clearly labelled with your child’s name
  • 1 x white men's business shirt (to be used as a Science lab coat) - clearly labelled with your child's name

Stage 1 (Years 1&2) Requirement List

Stage 1 will not have individual pencil cases in 2019. All equipment will be placed in communal tubs.

  • 12x HB Lead Pencils (Staedtler or Columbia)
  • a set of 12 textas
  • 12x coloured pencils
  • 3x glue sticks 35g BOSTIK (will need to be replenished each term)
  • 4x erasers
  • 4x whiteboard markers (Artline 577 or Staedtler, preferable thin pens like a normal biro size)
  • 2x highlighters
  • 1x box of tissues
  • 1x packet of baby wipes
Individual Items
  • Library bag (preferably TPS library bag)
  • Home reading bag (similar to TPS library bag)
  • Raincoat (no umbrellas at school)
  • Paint shirt (plastic only please)

Stage 2 (Years 3&4) Requirement List

  • 1x standard size pencil case (no oversized or non-rectangular hard shell)
  • 6x HB lead pencils
  • 2x red pens
  • 2x blue pens
  • 2x green pens
  • 4x highlighters
  • 2x black Artline 70 textas
  • 2x 0.4 black felt tip pens
  • Coloured pencils and textas - at least 2x green pencils
  • 1x 30cm ruler with millimetres – no metal rulers or rulers that bend
  • 2x glue sticks (solid, not liquid) to please be replaced as needed
  • 1x eraser
  • 1x pencil sharpener
  • 1x pair of scissors
  • 2x wallet folders to store sheets in
  • 2x boxes of tissues per semester
  • 1x packet of baby wipes
  • 1x roll CONTACT™ (keep at home to cover all books)

Please make sure all items are clearly labeled.


Stage 3 (Years 5&6) Requirement List

Dear Parents,

Listed below are classroom items that your child will require for 2019. Please ensure that your child has all the necessary equipment on the first day of Term 1 2019, as we intend to start our teaching and learning programs from day one.

It may be a good idea to purchase some clear contact to cover books with at home. They stay neat for the whole year when covered in contact. We decorate book covers at school.

  • 1 x standard size pencil case (not a large one)
  • 6 x HB lead pencils
  • 2 x 2B lead pencils
  • 2 x red pens
  • 6 x blue pens
  • 2 x Black Permanent Marker Artline 90
  • 2 x Artline 200 Fine 0.4
  • 4 x highlighters
  • Coloured pencils and textas (Good quality-Derwent, Faber Castell)
  • 1 x 30cm metric ruler – no metal rulers or rulers that bend
  • 2 x glue stick (solid, not liquid) to please be replaced as needed
  • 1 x rectangular white eraser
  • 1 x pencil sharpener (with barrel attached)
  • 1 x pair of scissors
  • 1 x calculator (pocket size)
  • 1 x geometry set – good quality (please check the compass as many are poor quality)
  • 3 x display folders (for school magazines, current stencils)
  • 2 x boxes of tissues
  • 1 x Macquarie Dictionary